For Exchanges, Algomi provides a unique bond matching technology in a bespoke platform to enable secure discreet dealer-to-dealer transactions. By linking the exchange, banks, and investors in a collaborative network the exchange becomes a centralized market place.

Algomi enables bank dealers to enter potential planned transactions into a secure private environment which not only matches same trades but also suggest similar bond matches.

With execution anonymity, using a negotiation process that minimises information leakage to mitigate disruption to market prices, and the intelligent matching of fungible instruments, an exchange running Algomi technology allows banks to add value for their clients through distribution rather
than their own balance sheet.

The system greatly enhances liquidity, by identifying execution opportunities that existing markets cannot, across all fixed income platforms and adds valuable additional revenue streams for the Exchange.

This solution ties together all three of Algomi’s award-winning technologies (sell-side, buy-side and exchanges) in a single package which connects local dealers and buy-side investors to the global Algomi Honeycomb network, allowing market players to access actionable, verifiable data.  High value trades can be more readily identified and matched through the local exchange.

Highly customisable and developed for specific markets, the platform is offered to exchange groups as a white-label product to enable an uplift in liquidity for local, specialised fixed income markets.

Euronext have developed a new multilateral trading facility (MTF) called EURONEXT SYNAPSE powered by Algomi's technology. Euronext has made a strategic investment in Algomi, and the companies have signed a 10 year global agreement for a Joint Venture between both companies.