Execution with Liquidnet and Trumid

18 June 2019 in COMPANY NEWS by Tim Binnington

Algomi ALFA will enable orders to be executed on Liquidnet and Trumid. With this new functionality, Algomi ALFA goes beyond aggregating market data and liquidity to allow traders to efficiently navigate the markets and execute trades without duplicating steps across platforms. For actionable liquidity alerts, Algomi ALFA enables order staging and desktop interoperability.

Algomi ALFA allows traders to engage with Liquidnet’s growing corporate bond liquidity on any actionable alert, by populating orders directly from ALFA before sending to Liquidnet via FIX. Liquidnet subsequently launches an active negotiation window to traders from its desktop application. Once the trade is completed, traders can view and export the execution report from ALFA.

For Trumid, traders can engage with all Trumid actionable alerts from within Algomi ALFA, through Algomi’s graphical user interface and using the OpenFin message bus. When a trader engages with an alert in Algomi ALFA, Trumid displays the appropriate dialogue, depending on the current state of the trader’s activity and bond’s activity on Trumid. The trader then engages directly within Trumid.

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