In the ever-changing landscape of capital, leverage and liquidity requirements, Algomi’s technology empowers fixed income professionals to fulfil their precise needs, for both sides of the market. By maximising the relationships between salespeople, traders and investors, the Algomi suite of scalable software greatly increases the opportunities and velocity in large and illiquid trades between:

  • Banks
  • Institutional investors
  • Inter-dealer brokers
  • Exchanges

With tenacity and integrity, Algomi unlocks the full potential of the fixed income market through pioneering and pragmatic technology.


Algomi ALFA

Algomi ALFA provides cross-market information on liquidity and trade intent by giving the buy-side a real-time view of the entire bond market, including government bonds, investment grade, high yield, emerging market, municipal debt and structured credit. Helping traders determine not only whether to buy or sell a security, but also when and what mode of execution.


For portfolio managers, execution desks and compliance teams, Algomi Honeycomb turns complex data systems into actionable knowledge, It allows them to see signal data from their dealers in bonds they are actively trying to trade. It shows which dealer is the most active and alerts buy side clients to liquidity events on the most difficult to source issues.



Synchronicity draws from all of a bank’s internal data feeds and enables them to structure and make sense of this private data. It uses algorithms and smart matching to link groups of salespeople, and by ensuring client information is captured it generates actionable trade ideas. It allows them to signal specific bond information to their clients on the Honeycomb network.

Euronext Synape

Euronext Synapse is an anonymous centralized inter-dealer marketplace, a new secure ecosystem connecting pools of liquidity through a network of interconnected banks. It offers increased trade opportunities and velocity for block trades of illiquid corporate and financial bonds. It is an MTF operated by a neutral and independent market operator and powered by Algomi.